trust us for your future

Trust Us for Your Future

Our professional teams work to optimize the performance and proactively resolve problems when they arise.

DataNet Sistem Integrasi has proven itself since 1 January 2001 by joined the development of Indonesian information technology.

Through the professional team, DataNet enhances itself to provide service solution through their products and services.

our values and expertise

Our Values and Expertise

Our values and expertise are to combine people, technology and solutions.

With this strength point of us, we will be able to become the leading IT Company in Networking Design and Implementation, Communication Data, Messaging Systems, Maintenance Contracts, IT Outsourcing and Networking Cabling Fields.

We also provide total solutions for IT problems which many companies confront, such as Networking Development (LAN, WAN), Internet Gateway, Security System, E-Commerce, Web Design, etc.

internal and external harmonic relation

build an internal and external harmonic relation in out growth.

DataNet also build an internal and external harmonic relation in out growth.

In internal relationship, we give our people an opportunity to have self development with national and international training.

In external relationship, we believe that our customer trust will grow by seeing our professional and experienced experts. It is proven by the row of certificates we have achieved.

We strive to increase and expand our cooperation with international vendors. The solution can also be given in technology implementation training, for User Company, free consultancy, and also organizing a seminar to inform our new Technology Solutions.

We also establishing partnership with some of the world's largest companies such as HP Business Partner, Cisco Premier Partner Certified, Citrix Partner, Wyse Partner, HP Procurve Partner, Sophos Partner and ASG Business Partner. This will not conclude the possibility to establish a partnership with other large companies.

When you come to chose us to become your partner, you'll have the opportunity to have succeed.