Our Solution

Enterprise SolutionWe provide Enterprise Solution that focusing on Secure Hybrid & Consumerization of IT, Strategic Big Data & Actionable Analytic and Lean IT & System Integration.


The best way to boost productivity is a cloud. With Cloud Management Solution, company can use enterprise applications wherever you are, give employee the applications they need to do their jobs effectively and cut back on manual IT processes to make company more efficient.

Cloud Management is focusing on User Experience Design, Enterprise App Stores & BYOD, Business Velocity and Cost Elasticity.

  • Desktop Transformation and Service Aggregation

    One workspace for user friendly and controlled access to all apps, services and data from any device, any location and any time, adding encrypted data flows to mobility, centralize provisioning of applications and services, and simplified user on and off boarding and desktop management.

  • Service Aggregation

    Seamless integration of applications and services from internal or external sources into one workspace and single sign on regardless of the source or provider of the applications or services.

  • Data Center Automation

    Simply management of growing IT task and new business requirements with the same team, fully automated deployments and life cycle management of resources, and higher reliability and productivity by reducing downtime, speeding up disaster recovery and avoiding “human errors”.


Content Solution will transforming big data into smart decision. With this solution, company knows more than your competition with sophisticated content, ensure compliance in an increasingly complex and regulation, and manage information.

Content Solution is focusing on Information Quality, Business Transparency, Regulatory Governance and Information Control.

  • Enterprise Content Management

    Compliance with regulations, collaboration to ensure reliable content lifecycle management, business continuity planning and disaster recovery and improve efficiencies to lower total cost of business.

  • Document Output Management

    Streamline output and print process workloads, permit the storage and archiving of documents, centrally monitors the status of output and distribution job, controls the delivery of content to all output devices, and delivers document to multiple endpoints simultaneously.


Don't let your systems burn what could fuel innovation. Reduce your cost for your systems by 50% and start innovating again, optimize performance your system and make sure your old systems are not slowing your business down, and eliminate redundancy, don't accept multiple systems doing the same tasks without added value.

System Solution is focusing on Service Level Attainment, Performance and Availability, Budget & TCO constraints and Application Quality.

  • Application Management

    Successful promotion of application changes into production, integrated tools design to automate and simplify testing, configuration capabilities for application portfolio management, and optimization to organize, prioritize, measure and improve program conditions.

  • Performance & Optimization

    Advanced early warning system for immediate notification of problems, reduce training time and improve productivity, asset utilization remains flat regardless of the number of users, simplified installation and maintenance.

  • Enterprise Workload Automation

    Help clients eliminate errors, automate processes and simplify the complex day to day tasks and easy to use workload planning and analysis capabilities for operations decision makers and IT Administrators.

  • Service Quality & Control

    A value that IT Investments are in line with the business priorities, IT cost traceability and transparency for an accurate view of how IT budget is spent, a flexible blueprint for business-oriented services with more demanding service level agreement, agile and responsive IT business services.

  • Data Protection

    Secure data, business continuity and day to day operations are ensured by the right backup and restoration solutions, coverage for any type of physical/virtual server, or workstation.