Our Solution

InfrastructureOur company as a System Integrator provides solution for infrastructure to provide high availability and performance accessing IT resources.
We give attention to Datacenter, Network and Devices Infrastructure.


Datacenter is a facility used to house IT systems and associated component such as telecommunications and storage systems.
It generally includes raised floor, security system, redundant or backup power supply as we known Uninterruptible Power Supply and manages all hardware devices.
IT operations are crucial aspect of the most organizational operations, one of them is Datacenter with the main concerns is business continuity.

  • Raised floor

    Provides an elevated structure floor to create a hidden void, for the passage of cabling services. Raised Floor widely used in IT Datacenter or computer room, where there is a requirement to route cabling, wiring and electrical supply. Flooring can be installed at varying heights to suit services that may be accommodated beneath.

  • Security System

    Provides a system to detect or prevent intrusion, authorized entry to Datacenter. Datacenter must be secured and resilient in order to keep enterprise running at maximum productivity, protecting your profitability. Security System consists of Access Door, CCTV and Fire Alarm Monitoring. By combining all monitoring system, user can also deliver a business-driven, secure and resilient data center that enables your business opportunities.

  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

    Provides emergency power to a load when the input power source fails. It will provide near-instantaneous protection from input power interruptions. Our company provides complete physical infrastructure solution with high availability and efficiency and low Total Cost of Ownership.

  • KVM Management

    Provides system that can allows Administrator to control multiple servers. Consolidate access at desk, at the rack or across the entire data center, our solution will save spacing at Datacenter and improving staff efficiency.


Network infrastructure refers to the hardware resources of an entire network that enable network connectivity, communication, operations and management of an enterprise level.
Our company provides a network infrastructure that reliable, robust and secure, and easily access from anywhere.

  • Wiring

    Our company provides physical layer for network infrastructure. We provide cabling installation such as UTP, STP and Fiber Optic. We also provide a wiring testing after installation and documentation. We use well-known brand to provide best solution in wiring management.

  • Wireless

    Is the other way to provide network infrastructure besides wiring. A wireless network is any type of network infrastructure that uses wireless data connections through radio signal for connection network nodes. We provide outdoor and indoor wireless infrastructure and also can be managed by a wireless controller.

  • Network Device

    The network layer provides the functional of transferring data from one node to another connected to the same network. It will need network devices to make it happen. Typically, network devices include gateways, routers and switches. Our company provides with well-known network devices and monitoring system to give business agility and efficiency.


We provide wide range products of Devices client, Servers and Storage from well-known brand.

  • Server

    Our company delivers server that can reliably support any workload. We bring it all together through services, support and consulting, delivering server experience to your business. We provide comprehensive portfolio for users of all size, across all industries and any type of workload. We also provide Rack, Power and Server infrastructure management to complete our server portfolio.

  • Storage

    Whatever the size of your organization, you need powerful, flexible storage that manages growth while delivering capabilities to maximize the value of your IT investment. We deliver many storage solutions from Tape Backup, Network Attached Storage and Storage Area Network from well-known Storage brand.

  • PC, Notebook, Tablet & Thin Client

    We provide well-known brand for client device such as corporate Personal Computer/PC and Notebook, Tablet and Thin Client to support our Virtual Application and Desktop.