Our Solution

SecurityOur security solution covers all the processes and mechanisms by which appliance and software based, information and services are protected, prevent from unintended or unauthorized access, change or destruction, and is of growing importance in line with the increasing reliance on computer systems of most societies worldwide.

Email Security

Provide a complete email protection both inbound and outbound with a real-time protection system, flexible deployment, prevent from may threat including spam messages, viruses, Data Leak Prevention, BlackListed sender and etc.

  • Antispam

    Protect your critical email system from spam message such as flooding message, commercial advertising by updated blacklist database and preference block list sender.

  • Antivirus

    Avoid incoming and distribution of viruses from an inbound mail which comes with suspicious attachment or illegal hyperlinks

  • Content Based Filter

    Blocking suspicious attachments such as, file extension based, file size, word specific content. Filtering header or body messages content.

EndPoint Security

Protection for your server, desktop, and laptops from any viruses, malware, malicious software, data leak prevention, work with single agent provides fast scanning and resource efficiency, delivering effective protection with less impact on your users.

  • Antivirus

    Our antivirus solution Proven protection that automatically identifies threats and blocks them or cleans them up, Built-in host intrusion prevention systems (HIPS) automatically adjusts itself to effectively combat malware.

  • Web Protection

    Take advantage of our malicious- and inappropriate-website filtering and our built-in, web-malware scanning. Blocks inappropriate content with website filtering.

  • Data & Application Control

    Cut down on risks of infection or data loss while keeping your users productive. Our patch assessment, application control and Device Control keep you in the drivers seat. Control the use of programs like P2P file sharing, VoIP, IM and games.

Web Security

Keep your users safe from malware threats on the web. Our antivirus and secure web gateway work together for advanced web threat protection, URL filtering and content control by users or time based access policies.
Using a variety of authentication options including IP Address, Active Directory SSO, eDirectory SSO and LDAP.

Encryption and Data Protection

Our encryption solution protects your information across all platform, data will protect no matter where it goes: on personal devices, in network file shares or in the cloud.
Protect your valuable corporate data and prove it to the auditors and regulators.
Easily implement a comprehensive data protection strategy with the combination of full-disk encryption, data control (DLP) and email encryption.

  • Device Encryption

    Transparently encrypts data on laptop, desktops and external media, protection your users against unauthorized access, loss or theft of data.

  • Removable media

    Automatically and transparently encrypts files on removable media such as USB sticks, memory cards and CDs/DVDs. Share encrypted data on removable media easily across your organization without impacting your users

  • File Shares

    Encrypts user data across workgroups. Protect your data on local drives and network servers. At both the file and directory levels.

  • Cloud Data

    Encrypts files uploaded to cloud storage services from managed computers, works with well known instant cloud storage application and also include reads for opening this files on iOS and Android Devices.