Our Solution

VirtualizationPeople need access to Windows Applications when they are on the go to stay productive. Users have different requirements for computing based on their organization roles. Organizations need a virtual infrastructure to meet all needs or requirements from users. We provide all virtualization solution to your organization to keep business information secure, cost-effectively and simply management.

Server based virtualization

Server Virtualization is the masking of server resources, including the number and identity of individual physical servers, processors and operating systems, from server users. Server Virtualization has a platform modernization for maximum horizontal scalability and increased performance, density, flexibility, and cloud readiness.

Desktop virtualization

What if Windows apps and desktop could follow people? Everywhere, to all their devices, seamlessly and securely. With Virtual Desktop they do and allow IT to build a virtual desktop infrastructure that goes beyond simple VDI to address a broad range of use cases and deliver the right desktop and apps to the right users.

Application virtualization

Virtual Apps is application virtualization solution that mobilizes Windows apps, yet keep valuable data locked down in the datacenter. Virtual Apps allow IT to provide secure remote access to Windows apps and data from any devices to keep mobile users productive, control and encrypt access to apps and data to improve information security, and rapidly deliver access to business applications to new users, whether local or remote, for fast time to productivity.

Network based virtualization

Our solution on Network Virtualization is high-performance hardware appliances as well as flexible software-based virtual appliances that support popular hypervisors and run on off-the-shelf servers, deployed in thousands of networks around the globe to optimize, secure and control the delivery of all enterprise and cloud services, and to maximize the end user experience for all users including mobile clients.

  • Web, Application, Link & Servers Load Balancing

    Our networking solution responsible for distributing incoming traffic among servers hosting the same application content. By balancing application requests across multiple servers, load balancer prevents any application server from becoming a single point of failure, thus improving overall application availability and responsiveness.

  • Network Accelerator

    Optimize existing WAN capacity to reduce bandwidth consumption per desktop by up to 80 percent and application traffic by up to 95 percent. Leverage the unique reporting and QoS capabilities to understand application performance for improved visibility, troubleshooting and bandwidth management.

  • Service Delivery Networking

    Our network solutions provide service delivery networking platform for enterprise and cloud datacenters. Supports multiple instances on a single hardware appliance which can be partitioned by carriers and service providers to create individual accelerators for separate cloud customers.